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High Street, Somerby  LE14 2PZ
Minister: Rev Canon Leo Osborn


Somerby Methodist Church has a long standing Methodist Heritage which has continued to respond to change.  In 1957 the Sunday School room was built as an extension to the existing Chapel, which had been purchased in 1894 when a larger Church building was needed. By the 1990’s extensive building defects were discovered in the Chapel,and in 2000 the original Sunday school building was adapted to become the smaller Church of today.  A sanctuary area was built and a multi use space with hospitality services was formerly opened as the new Methodist Church. There is a small congregation of around seven members for weekly worship at 3pm on Sundays, and occasional services with All Saints Anglican Church are held.  There is a warm relationship with the village primary school.  Pupils take part in Christmas, Easter and end of year visits which they organise.  Together with Anglican friends and a wider community Church family weekday activities are resourced and supported.  On Mondays: Computer Matters -assisting technology use and confidence.  On Wednesday Mornings: Open Door Fellowship and hospitality - an especially important counter to loneliness.  On Thursday Afternoons: Carpet Bowls - Provides companionship and activity each week.  On the last Friday of the month: Afternoon Fellowship - informal worship service with speaker and tea.

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