Forthcoming Events

Sun 12 June, 6pm at Oakham



Ordinands Testimony Service for Rev Bekkie Wright


Wed 15 June, 2pm at Ryhall
Easter Offering Service & refreshments
Sat 2 July, 10am - 4pm
Reconcilliation, with Clive Fowle
Sat 9 July, 7pm at Stamford
Worship Concert with Chris Bowater
Sat 23 July at Stamford
Farewell Entertainment Evening for the Fyalls
Sun 24 July, 6pm at Stamford
Circuit Farewell Service for Rev Andy Fyall
Sat 8 Oct, 1pm - 4pm at Stamford
"Scriptural Reasoning" with speakers from different faiths
Sun 6 Nov
Circuit service remembering those who have died