Although the government’s guidance on our behaviour regarding living with Covid-19 changes, we need to remind ourselves that the virus has not gone away.


Whilst Covid response practices are no longer legally obligatory we strongly encourage everyone to continue to observe them in order to protect all those around them and themselves.


Please note the following guidance from the Circuit Leadership Team with regard to worship and letting of church premises to outside groups.



We encourage local churches to welcome everyone to worship in a loving and caring way.

Whilst we continue to face the spread of Covid 19, we encourage local churches to continue to observe


Hands :   to encourage the use of hand gel on entering and leaving the premises.

Face:      to encourage the continued wearing of face coverings by those who are able to do so.

Space:   to maintain appropriate distance between one another as far as is possible.


Those who wish to act otherwise are able to.


Track and trace

Track and trace is no longer a legal requirement but it is sensible to encourage those who can do so to zap the QR code on arrival.



Singing is now permitted in public places and is a core of our worship life.

We encourage folk to engage with singing gently in worship where folk feel comfortable to do so.  This is to minimise the spread of breath particles which are the culprits spreading the virus.

Preacher: please lead into the singing of hymns and worship songs by gently reinforcing the importance of singing gently.


Letting of Church Premises

We encourage all groups using our rooms to use the sanitising fluids provided and any face-coverings by everyone who feels able to use them.  We also encourage rooms to be fully ventilated as much as possible during your meetings.


Leaders of groups are reminded that they are responsible for making whatever decisions they feel are appropriate with regard to the layout of the rooms and the social distancing for the safety of their members.


Rev’d Andy Fyall, Wednesday 21st July 2021

Re-issued Saturday 27th November 2021